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Motown- The musical is basically a musical box or orchestrina. The musical is based and inspired by a book "To Be Loved: the Music, the Magic, the Memories of Motown" which is written by Berry Gordy. It consists of various music forms and lyrics of these songs are written by different people. The people liked their music and their performances on the songs and in early days of their career Motown the musical tickets were bought by many youngsters. Although the critics did not like the context of the book but they appreciated the music and compositions of the songs too.

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      It has given performance on many songs in motown. The live concerts are very happening and electrifying due to heave metallic music along with some soft touches. They have focused on performing on book songs. The characters play instead of the artists to create an environment of drama and climax. The Mototwn tickets are sold very frequently, as they do not let the audience to get bored and loose any interest in the show.

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